what our clients say

about us




"Wow, you really earned the fee on this one -- great perseverance" - 80Acre Master Developer.


"What I like about what you're proposing is that immediately I can save 40% of what I currently spend" - Tory B. (CrossFIT Petroglyph)




"We've talked about this -- you're an awesome broker" - Ethan D. (Boost Mobile)


"Thalia is one of the few people who wakes up as early as me every day" - Kathleen C. (LifeROOTS)

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"We're so appreciative that you took time on a Sunday afternoon for us." - John W. (SlapFISH)


"Out of all the advisors I've talked to, you're the only person who had brought up that crucial point." - Sam T. (Portland, OR)


Our long-time clients have looked to us to advise them on commercial real estate aspects of their business, specifically:


For TENANTS: site analysis, brand (re)positioning, and lease facilitation.

For LANDLORDS: market outreach, prospect procurement, and tenant mix assessment.

For BUYERS: short and long-term goal strategies, market valuation, and need-specific acquisition approach.

For SELLERS: exit timeline assessment paired with market supply and demand.