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 what they say about us




—  SlapFISH, Fast-casual seafood restaurant
"We're so appreciative that you took time on a Sunday afternoon for us."
John W., Partner. 

—  CrossFIT Petroglyph
"What I like about what you're proposing is that immediately I can save 40% of what I currently spend"
Tory B., Founder.

—  Boost Mobile
"We've talked about this: you're an awesome broker" 
Ethan D., Account Executive.

—  LifeROOTS
"You are one of the few people who wakes up as early as me every day"
Kathleen C., CEO.

—  Baskin Robbins
"Thanks for everything. It's been a long road, but very worthwhile." 
Crystal M., Franchisee.

—  Surf Shack Pizza
"We were already talking to a few other brokers, but you stood out with what you've done for us... So we picked you."
Victor B, Owner.

—  New Market Entry Tenant—
"Out of all the advisors I've talked to, you're the only person who had brought up that crucial point."
Sam T.







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